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Since 2009 Danish Contact Lens Institute has succesfully cultivated a learning environment that also benefits eye care professionals in Denmark and abroad. It is called The Contact Lens Academy, and participants have come from all over Scandinavia to participate in work-shops directed at improving results when fitting multi-focal contact lenses for presbyopes.
A series of external lectures on this and other topics have been given to optometrists and other eye care professionals, and the demand for information about this subject has been so great Danish Contact Lens Institute now offers access to summaries of presentations.

Study material for free download:

Please credit with Danish Contact Lens Institute (Kontaktlinse Instituttet) whenever referenced.

NEW: BCLA 2014


Now available from the May 2011 seminar with Dr. Ernst Nicolitz and Dr. Lou Catania:

Questionnaire from OSDI Administration and Scoring Manual (Danish Version):

Now available: "Secrets of Multifocal Fitting, Tages Der Optometrie, 2012"


Mandag-fredag 9.00-17.30
Lørdag 9.00 - 14.00
(Lang lørdag 9.00 - 15.00)
Konkurrencen begynder:
8. marts 2015
Læs Kontaktlinse Instituttet & Buris Brillers nye magasin, "Sunde Øjne Hele Livet".

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